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Mi Cultura Art Project

Cultivating young global citizens around the world through art education!


Mission & Vision

Mi Cultura is an inquiry based educational initiative that provides programming and workshops about the diverse cultures of countries around the world. Our programs cultivate young people’s curiosity through experimental visual art projects that embody community building, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our programs are offered through partnerships with schools, cultural institutions and as stand alone events in different countries.

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Who We Are

The founders of MiCultura Art Project are two passionate Bay Area Teaching Artists who are committed in fostering young people’s curiosity about the diverse cultures and creative practices of Latin America and Africa.

Sedey Gebreyes


(T)sedey is a multidisciplinary artist and an educator that was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Her artwork is greatly influenced by the wonderful visual artists, theater performers and storytellers of her childhood community. After moving to the United States, she studied Studio Arts at University of Missouri, Kansas City and Fine Arts and Spanish at University Of Veracruz, Mexico.

Following her passion, she moved to San Francisco, California in 2007 where she has held a variety of positions including Adjunct Family Art Educator at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, After School Program Teacher and Supervisor with San Francisco Unified School District, an Urban Beekeeping Instructor with Round Rock Beekeeping School.

Indira Urrutia

Co-founder + Teacher

Indira is Chilean born who immigrated to New Haven, Connecticut in 1986 with her entire family. She graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science, in Studio Art with a specialty in Photography from Southern Connecticut State University. Since then she has followed her passion for photography with explorations into other formats such as mix media, installation art, and experimental video. Her passion as teaching allows her to transmit the importance of free artistic expression in a safe environment and guides the students to experiment with their own creativity.

In 2012 Indira came back to the Bay Area after a five-year bicycle journey that brought her to cross thirteen countries of the American continent. She is co-founder of the project She got involved at the Red Poppy Art House as a Leadership Member for about a year before she stepped in as full time Creative Director in June of 2013 for another year. Indira also teaches at the public program at the de Young Museum.

Our Programs

Mi Cultura Art Project provides art workshops to Youth between the ages of 5-11. We offer our lessons in schools, out of schools, and in community spaces. Each class is an hour long. Supplies are included. Group size is limited. All classes are offered in English and/or Spanish


Age groups 5-7/ Grades K-1

These classes will introduce young children to distinct cultures: Students will be encouraged to take creative risks, and will learn creative expression, art concepts, methods, and basic geography and folktales.


Age Groups 7-9/ Grades 2 and 3

In addition to what is offered in Sankofa, these classes will introduce children to 3-dimensional art processes. Students will start and finish an eight week long group projects. Students will engage in further exploration of cultural and historical context of selected countries.


Age Groups 9-11/ Grades 4 and 5

In Pangea, students will further explore the themes covered in Sankofa, and Aventura. These classes will introduce children to the influences and connections to other countries cultures. In Pangea, they will examine the parallels between the artistic expressions of the sister continents. Students will start and finish an eight-week long installation project. They will be encouraged to look in regions outside their immediate geographical and historical context for inspiration.


Age Groups 5-11/ Grades K-5

We Are All Refugees is a project based in Greece’s refugee camps, that facilitates the arts as a platform for communication, cultural exchange, and integration.
Through visual art, they will share the complex situation faced by thousands of refugees from the Middle East who are confined between the European borders. A chaotic situation that found in the arts, a way to relive their pain, bring voice to their dreams and facilitate the integration into a new society.



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